Remembering and Honoring Eugene Ettore by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News

Remembering and Honoring Eugene Ettore

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News (posted by Joan Dominick with permission of author, Rita Davidson Barnea – Facebook Post June 2, 2020)

“Video: “Rhapsodie Espagnol” by Eugene Ettore
June 2, 2020 would have been Eugene Ettore’s 99th Birthday. In honor of his birthday, I am posting the link to the website I created to educate all about a unique, versatile and talented individual who made great contributions to the accordion world and musical world in general. I encourage you to visit this page:

I was extremely fortunate to be his student. He prepared me for my long career as a music teacher in the public schools. I played the accordion every day for my students! It is a fabulous asset to any music teacher!
Eugene Ettore inspired all of his students with an approach which included discipline, encouragement, and kindness. Those of you who had a music teacher as a guiding light in their lives will understand the importance of having a teacher/mentor. The lifelong benefits and influence branch out into so many other areas of life.
Eugene Ettore was well known as a fabulous composer for the accordion. He performed as both soloist and in the duet team, “Concert Duo” with Carmen Carrozza, his great friend. As a Renaissance man, Eugene Ettore also played the French Horn, and wrote method books for the accordion and French Horn. He was an artist, inventor, piano tuner/rebuilder and Braille transcriber etc. He was President of the AAA (American Accordionists’ Association) three times!

I presented a lecture/concert workshop, “The Life and Music of Eugene Ettore” at the 2018 AAA Festival in Alexandria, Virginia. In honor of Eugene Ettore’s birthday, I am offering a free download of the recording of his original compositions:

If you would like to see recent performances of some of his works, please visit Youtube :

1. Rita Barnea Workshop “Prelude & Scherzo”:
2. Eugene Ettore: “Spanish Holiday, for Accordion”:
3. Rita Barnea Workshop “Accordion Miniatures”:
4. Rita Barnea Workshop “Five O’Clock Rush”:

If you wish to learn his music, please email me and I will send it to you as a free download.
I hope that you enjoyed learning about Eugene Ettore. He greatly deserves to be remembered and recognized for his important contributions. I would love to see more accordionists learn and perform his works. I welcome any comments sent to me, Rita Barnea, at Cell: 201-675-4861″