Virtual Accordion Band Camp & Concert

Virtual Accordion Band Camp & Concert

To keep the Accordion Community updated on virtual camps, classes and concerts, I am sharing this recent email I received after attending the Virtual Accordion Band Camp & Concert on July 18, 2020. I attended this international accordion concert and it was wonderful! This email includes the accordion tutors and performers and upcoming accordion events. Also, ready more about the Virtual Accordion Band Camp & Concert with Rachel Bell, Alex Cumming and Jeremiah McLane in the May 2020 Newsletter from the American Accordion Association.  The Virtual Accordion Band Camp & Concert is planning another event in September 2020. Stay tuned!
Enjoy! Remember “Accordion Keys to Happiness”
Quoted from follow-up email after the  Virtual Accordion Band Camp & Concert II – July 18, 2020: (
“The Next Camp & Concert:
We have just started to put together plans for the next camp & concert which will be taking place sometime in September. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Website for an announcement of date and staff in the near future.Merchandise (stickers, mugs, masks, shirts etc.)
As we mentioned on Saturday you can now buy various pieces of Virtual Accordion Camp swag by heading to our TeePublic site. Our share of the sale will go straight back into making the September camp!
Take a look here:
Upcoming events with VACII Staff:
Though there is not another VAC until September Paul, Alex, Rachel and Jeremiah will be busy over the summer performing and teaching at various events, here are some highlights:
Belshazzar’s Feast – Live Zoom Concert – Sunday 26th July (8pm BST)
More details:


Rachel Bell: (

Ashokan Northern Week ONLINE - Happening all this week:
Eloise & Co (Rachel with Becky Tracy): Bal Folk Party – Fri 24th July (6pm EDT)
The Vox Hunters & Alex Cumming – Live Zoom Concert: Sat. 25th July (7.30pm BST)
CDSS English Week ONLINE: 1-8th August (Alex is Program Director).
Dance, Song, Workshop and performance events ft. an array of artists including Alex and Rachel:

Jeremiah McLane:

Jeremiah & Annemieke McLane in Concert: Friday 21st August (7pm EDT):  
A lot of information for you there, and we hope we haven’t forgotten anything too important. As always please do reach out with any questions and we will hopefully see you all in September. 
All the best, 
Alex, Rachel, Jeremiah”