Accordion Manufacturers and Brands

Accordion Manufacturers and Brands

About My Accordion:  Brand: Vinny Roberts Accordion + Manufacturer: Borsini 

Vinny Roberts Accordions

Vinny Roberts a music studio in Bronx, New York where they gave lessons and had accordions ordered from Borsini with the Vinny Roberts name added.  Good quality accordions for student models and comparable to the Enrico Roselli models made by Borsini for the Stancato Accordion School.

I have a Vinny Roberts Accordion since 1962, check out my story with accordion lessons from Vinny Roberts Music School.


Accordion Manufacturers and Brands: List a compilation from Liberty Bellows, The Contemporary Accordion Museum – List of Accordion Manufacturers and my internet search:

Petosa (United States)

Rossetti Accordions (United States)

Borsini (Italy)

Scandalli Accordions (Italy)

Beltuna (Italy)

Serenellini (Italy)

Titano (Italy)

Roland (Italy)

FisItalia (Italy)

Fisman (Italy)

Mengascini (Italy)

Ottavianelli (Italy)

Anacleto (Italy) – created by Hohner

Castagnari (Italy)

Hohner Accordions (Germany)

Weltmeister (Germany)

Parrot (China)

Concertina Connection


Anton Mervar Accordions

National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame: Awarded to Anton Mervar – November 30, 1991

Anton Mervar Accordions Facebook Page

Anton Mervar Accordions – Wikipedia