My Accordion Poems

My Accordion Poems

My Accordion Amplifies My Soul – January 1, 2013
By Joanie Leichter

My Accordion Amplifies My Soul
Holding My Accordion Connects Me to My Mother & Father
Holding My Accordion Warms My Heart
Holding My Accordion is a Hug from God
Holding My Accordion is A Hug from Me

Playing My Accordion Makes My Heart Sing
Playing My Accordion Makes Me Feel Alive

Touching My Accordion feeling my fingers on the keys
Touching My Accordion feeling the rhinestone that tells me I found the
Touching My Accordion feeling the bellows breathe giving my playing

Hearing My Accordion Before I Play
Hearing The Sound of The Two Shiny Snaps Opening
The Sounds That Announce My Accordion is Waking
Hearing The Sound of The Two Shiny Snaps Closing
The Solemn Sounds That My Accordion is Resting

Looking at My Accordion in It’s Magnificent Beauty
My Accordion Gratitude by Joanie E. Leichter Dominick – January 1, 2013

Thanking My Accordion For Lovingly Waiting For Me
Thanking Mommy & Daddy for Putting My Accordion in My Life for
Paying for three years of lessons and buying me my beautiful
Vinny Roberts’ 120 Base White Mother of Pearl Italian Accordion
Thanking Mommy for bringing my Accordion to my weekly lesson for Three
Years taking the Q25/34 Bus what loving support for me
Thanking Daddy for playing the twenty-base accordions from his
Childhood inspiring me
Thanking Big Grandma for buying the accordion for Uncle Bobby
Thanking Uncle Bobby for not wanting to play and giving the accordion
To my Dad
Thanking Aunt Jeanne for telling me how the accordion came to our
Thanking Rose
Thanking Vinny Roberts
Thanking Bonnie Rowe
Thanking the Atlanta Accordion Club
Thanking Simo Telsa

Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick